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Welcome to the Couplet program. With this program we wish to reintroduce you to your partner; the person you have chosen to walk in partnership with in life. The program aims to help you understand yourself and your partner more deeply and intimately, in a way that you might feel more inspired to dream, plan and share your lives together at the deepest and most fulfilling level of your capacity.

As you continue to work this way together throughout the course of your lives, you will continue to deepen and enrich your life and your relationship. 

Remember, your Relationship is really three entities to be cared for - you, your partner, your Relationship.

Couples can easily become caught up in the everyday activities of life such as work, children and family and, in doing so, ignore the vital work of tending to the relationship. As with any living thing, if the relationship is not nurtured it will wither and die.

We believe that it is our relationships that provide us with the opportunity for our growth and development. As we are social beings, we are dependent upon one another for our development and successes throughout our lives. The more we can take hold of this notion of being dependent upon each other, the more we can work towards a healthy dependency which involves taking up responsibility for ourselves, each other, and our relationships. When we achieve this, we will be more able to negotiate our freedom through clear, open and honest communication.

One skill that is fundamental to this process of sharing is a genuine interest in one another. This can manifest for example in the skill of listening. It is easier to share at the deepest level when we experience our partner listening with their whole being, without prejudice or judgement. To do this requires a genuine interest and respect for who they are. 

Our partner will always reflect to us another side of who we are. We have our own experience of our behaviour and then our partner’s experience of our behaviour. Very often this difference becomes a point of conflict. Yet understanding the nature of these different perspectives can be the greatest gift to our development. We can begin to have a deeper meaning to our relationship and move towards interdependency.

So welcome to the program. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

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Duda Baldwin

Meaningful course for relationships

I love this course as it is raising awareness of who we are, who our partner is, where we both came from and how this reflects in our relationships. It also provides us with the tools to map out our next steps - so we are both on the same page mo...

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Cheryl Assuage
Cheryl Assuage

Cheryl is a psychotherapist and has a background in nursing, counselling and family therapy. She undertook intensive training in adult psychotherapy and graduated from the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy. Cheryl also undertook teacher training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and has been leading Mindfulness Meditation groups for many years. 

Cheryl has been in private practice since 1988 and is a founding director of LifeConnect Australia and has served on several boards. Cheryl has extensive experience in working with group dynamics and individuals, and specialises in individual psychotherapy, relationship counselling and coaching.  She has a special interest in the developmental phases of life and has applied, lectured and taught on this subject for many years. Cheryl has developed the practical application of these insights, and is the author of the successful Couplet program, supporting couples and partners to deepen their relationship and to live more fulfilled and enriched lives together.

David Baldwin
David Baldwin

David is a registered clinical psychologist who has been in private practice for over 25 years in North Sydney, Australia. During this time, David has served on several boards and as an Honorary Associate and Field Supervisor at Macquarie University for 17 years on the Masters of Counselling Psychology and Doctorate of Psychology programs. David is currently Adjunct Fellow at Western Sydney University and Field Supervisor on the Masters of Clinical Psychology program. 

Through his work, David supports people suffering from general mental health conditions, as well as corporate coaching, working on issues such as career development, managing staff, leadership, strategy, communication, conflict resolution and stress management.

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